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The Facebook Analog Research Lab is a creative space for design and art-making. Its primary goal is to create and direct projects that influence culture and challenge thought. Our mediums of choice favor the analog without neglecting the digital. We ask questions and we build things. Then we ask questions about the things we built. Hopefully somewhere along the way you start asking questions and building things too. It’s this cycle of creation, reflection, education, and provocation that drives our work.

The Analog Research Lab has become accepted as an important component of our culture and company. It was founded through passion and hard work, not corporate initiative. The existence of the lab is a reflection of the freedom afforded to employees of Facebook as well as an example of its hacker spirit.

Risograph Quick Start

Learn to use the Risograph digital duplicator using a range of marking making, cut outs and collage techniques.
The Risograph is a great way to make posters, flyers, zines and more. In this workshop we will learn about the what the Risograph actually is, its working parts, advantages, limitations, best uses and practices. We will cover how to: scan in your hand made artwork and set up artwork files for digital transfer, load and change color drums and print off a two color poster which you can take with you at the end of class.

Times: Fri – Sun / 2pm -2:45pm
Duration: 45 mins / Attendees 8-10 Max

Advanced RISOGRAPH Printing Techniques

Join the team from the Analog Research Lab Facebook for a special advanced RISO printing workshop where they will cover a number of advanced techniques and hacks you can use to make even more interesting and expressive work with the Risograph. During this hour long session, we’ll cover: mastering color separations for the Riso, integrating embossing and blacklight techniques, and other Riso hacks.

Times: Fri– Sun / 3:15pm -4pm
Duration: 45 mins / Attendees 8-10 Max