The New Pavilions | Book Review

A new publication from Thames & Hudson, The New Pavilions presents a selection of the best and most exciting examples produced in recent years. The collection of stunning photographs and insight, makes this a perfect addition to any studio library. Pavilions have a myriad forms and as many functions and yet few are built to last. For […]

So You Want To Publish A Magazine? | Book Review

Print media has taken a significant hit. The rise of digital platforms as well as a dip in the economy over the last decade have left the industry shell-shocked. However, there have been exceptions. The likes of NoBrow opened their doors in 2008 and Port Magazine was founded as recently as 2011. As a select […]

MIN: The New Simplicity in Graphic Design | Book Review

To say our eyes lit up when this new publication from Thames and Hudson landed on our desks here at OFFSET HQ would be putting it mildly. Minimalist graphic design has been having a renaissance as of late and Stuart Tolley’s MIN: The New Simplicity in Graphic Design showcases just how effective and successful this […]

The Typography Idea Book | Book Review

Following on from our previous review of The Graphic Design Idea Book, we bring you its more nuanced counterpart; The Typography Idea Book. While typography may be classified as a subset of graphic design in many people’s minds, this book stands on its own two feet and presents the reader with a detailed – yet […]

The Graphic Design Idea Book | Book Review

The Graphic Design Idea Book: Inspiration from 50 Masters comes to you from an OFFSET favourite and dear friend, Steven Heller and director of design and digital media at the School of Visual Arts Press, Gail Anderson. The book is an extremely well thought out and produced collection of graphic design works from some of […]

How to Have Great Ideas | Book Review

“How to Have Great Ideas – A guide to creative thinking” by John Ingledew offers exactly what it says on the cover, a handy guide that will ensure you’ll never be stuck for a great idea. An ideas man with Dublin based agency Boys and Girls, Mike Fleming reviewed this weeks Laurence King book, How To […]

The New Curator | Book Review

Understand the art world? No, we don’t either! Luckily, The New Curator, by Natasha Hoare, offers some serious insight into some of the most innovating and interesting practices today, including Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin and Art Angel. A ubiquitous word in contemporary culture, the term ‘curate’ can be interpreted in a number of ways. Originating from the Latin word curare […]

Don’t Get A Job…Make A Job | Book Review

Don’t Get A Job…Make A Job: How To Make It As A Creative Graduate is a new release from Laurence King Publishing by author and lecturer Gem Barton. Full of advice and insights for new and emerging graduates on how to forge a path of their own in the creative industry, this is a must […]

The Book of the Bird | Book Review

As a boy in short trousers, our good friend and previous contributor, Conor Stevens used to tell people that he wanted to be an ornithologist. So who better to review the newest Angus Hyland publication all about our feathered friends, The Book of the Bird. As a snot-nosed brat I used to tell anyone who would […]