IADT Future Proofed 2016

Some of Ireland’s creative talent of tomorrow showcased at the IADT graduate exhibition. Last week OFFSET took to their bike and cycled out to Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art and Design to check out the next crop of Design graduates at the Future Proofed exhibition.

Future Proofed the title of the Visual Communications Exhibition was certainly focused on the future with a very Black Mirror / Her  feel to some of the graduate’s projects. We thought we would share some of our highlights.

IADT graduate shows always impress with their inter-disciplinary skills and the ability to put together an impressive exhibition that looks at not just print but also UX design. The graduates explored a wide range of topics from household chore apps to museum design interfaces with a strong emphasis on digital design.

Homeaid by Emily Blaney

The different outputs on display were innovative, challenging and industry ready, especially with regards to digital. With companies like Accenture, IBM and Intercom growing rapidly these graduates will be highly sought after.


Front Row by Andrew Breen.

Although there were many interesting concepts and each student had a very unique style we were fascinated by the work of Charmaigne O’Connor and her visually striking project Organique. Organique is a hypothetical exclusive future clinic that produces bio-printed organs for organ replacement. The rising popularity of physical enhancement within elite circles is an increasingly concerning issue. This project parodies the world of beautification by highlighting the perverseness of such a service that replaces organs.


Organique by Charmaigne O’Connor.

We were also particularly drawn to the work of Euan Murphy, who has the perfect solution to end all chore-related passive aggressive stand offs, entitled Divvy. His City of the Dead project on the future of Dublin and its cemeteries, too caught our eye. This was submitted for ISTD, and was a very comprehensive project.


Divvy by Euan Murphy.

The work of Ross Phelan stood out and his incredibly detailed project Civil War — Conflict of Brothers. This self-authored project, in which Phelan worked with his great grandfather on, seeks to engage and educate a new audience about the Irish Civil War. The project is split into two parts, an exhibition and an app that focus on telling the personal story of George within historical context, with audio and interactivity enhancing the users learning and experience.


Civil War — Conflict of Brothers by Ross Phelan.

This is just a small selection of great work that was on display. You can check out the full website here. We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for these mind mappers, pixel pushers and creators. They may even be up on the OFFSET stage in the coming years, so keep an eye on this talented group.