ROCO – Partners with OFFSET Sheffield

On one of our field trips to Sheffield we met up with the lovely Andrea Burns who runs the Roco Creative Coop, we were so impressed by her, the venue and ethos behind Roco and we knew immediately that this is where our first OFFSET Sheffield Delegate party should be, no question. So guess what? we twisted Andrea’s arm and Roco are partnering with OFFSET Sheffield this year.


Roco is Sheffield’s dedicated creative hub, set up to support the cities designers, artists, creators and makers. Roco Creative Coop is a Social Enterprise & a Community Benefit company and its owned by its members.


Based across 7 beautiful listed Georgian town houses, the buildings have been expertly transformed to contain a vibrant cafe bar, dedicated retail stores, gallery space, studios & co-working space and maker space.

Roco is a place where work and play mix and the invite is always open to join the party…


Roco believe passionately in the power of the creative industries to effect positive social change, thats why they do things a bit differently here. It’s possible to become a member of Roco and invest in a organisation set up to support small independent and local businesses with a focus on championing creativity and innovation that strives to make a positive social impact.

To find out more visit Roco at | Roco will also have a book shop at OFFSET Sheffield so pop by to day hello.

We will be realising information about the OFFSET Sheffield delegate party soon.