The New Curator | Book Review


Understand the art world? No, we don’t either! Luckily, The New Curator, by Natasha Hoare, offers some serious insight into some of the most innovating and interesting practices today, including Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin and Art Angel.

lpritchard_20160615_0027A ubiquitous word in contemporary culture, the term ‘curate’ can be interpreted in a number of ways. Originating from the Latin word curare (to take care), it was only in the 18th century that the word related to the care of collections of art.

lpritchard_20160615_0028Furthermore, in recent years, the remit of the curator has become more malleable and fluid as the role changes depending on the artist, the exhibition or with biennale. Focusing on the now, this new book from Laurence King, looks at the curator as a catalyst for change, from public commissions to experimental projects that rock the status quo. Hoare, explores the theory behind the role of curator, through a series of succinct interviews. Broken into four sections, looking at the concept of the White Cube, the Biennale model, working with institutions, and transcending existing boundaries.

lpritchard_20160615_0029Each case study focuses in on one curator, where they are given the opportunity to talk about both their work and their practice. The interviews cut through the nuances of the art world providing clear insight into the different ways curators approach contemporary curation. Each case study is an engaging look at the challenges facing curators and how they are heavily involved in the process of creating art, from conceptual inception to development and delivery. A must read for curators, artists and individuals who are trying to understand how the art world functions.

lpritchard_20160615_0032The New Curator is available from our friends at Laurence King. For other books you might be interested in, why not check out Don’t Get A Job….Make A Job from Laurence King or perhaps get inspired with Roads new publication on Creative Workplaces.


Words by Orlaith Ross
Photos by Lauren Pritchard