17th February


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12:00 IDI Presents: Better Designers, Better Companies, Better People
How can we create a better Irish design industry through ambitious,innovative learning and development for SMEs? Join Simon Richards (RichardsDee), & Andrew Bradley (Bradley Brand) Moderated by Brian Herron (Each&Other)

13:00 Anatomy Of An Animated Scene
The creative team from Boulder Media walk us through their process - from concept to screen, in making an animated TV show.


15:00 Beck's Be Kreativ presents: Shaping the future
What is role of education in preparing for employment compared to industry expectations and needs? What new initiatives are needed to shape a sustainable creative and cultural landscape? Join Alex Milton (NCAD), Madeline Boughton (Creative Ireland), Ciaran O'Gaora (zero-g) , Susan Cunningham (Brownbag Films) & Danielle Townsend (DID). Moderated by Brian Herron (Each&Other)

16:00 Só Collective Presents: From The Isle
A discussion on the concept behind this new initiative by Kildare Village, dedicated to nurturing new talent in Fashion, Education, Food and Culture, involving the Irish creatives who have brought it to fruition. Join Mark Quinn (Baluba), Julia Wilks (Kildare Village), Aisling Farinella (Thread Mag), Jonathan Legge (Makers and Brothers), Andrew McNamee (POST)

17:00 Deloitte Digital Presents: Humans, Not Users
Claire Dowling, creative director at Deloitte Digital, talks about her time spent designing for two contrasting societies; third world Africa and oil rich Saudi Arabia.


18th February


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12:00 IBM Design Presents:Design In Business And Tech
Join Randy Hunt – VP of Design at Etsy, and Lara Hanlon – Design Lead at IBM Design, to understand how designers might embrace interdisciplinary collaboration in an effort to elevate the value of Design in areas such as enterprise and e-commerce.

13:00 AOI Presents: Creating Your Own Success
From the trials and tribulations of early beginnings to finding their own aesthetic niche this discussion with explore how you sustain a vibrant career as an illustrator. Join Lou Bones talking to Yasmeen Ismail , Rod Hunt & Laura Carlin.

14:00 Shopify host a "Lunch & Learn" session
If you’re interested in learning a little more about how the commerce community is booming then pop along. Pre-registration required, & complimentary lunch provided. Register here.

15:00 Beck's Be Kreativ presents: Crafting a Creative Career
Embracing the use of traditional methods and techniques and the continued importance of craft in the contemporary art and design world. Join Adrian + Shane (print makers), Maser (Muralist), Vanessa Power (Signs Of Power), Jamie Murphy (The Salvage Press)

16:00 Totally Dublin presents:Panicdotes
Deadline drama, stage-fright, moronic clients – the mad, bad and dangerous side of being a creative professional. Surprise main stage speakers reveal all!

17:00 Dan Perri Q&A session with Brian Herron (Each&Other)
As a way to whet your appetite for Dan’s main stage closing presentation he will sit down share insights into the process and techniques of his practice and welcomes all your questions.


19th February


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11:00 Anatomy Of A Book
Kelli Anderson shares insights on her creating & publishing unique books + be one of the lucky few to partake in a demonstration of her Camera Book after the talk.

12:00 The Dots Presents: Checklist Your Way To A Dream Job
As founder of professional creative community The Dots, Pip Jamieson knows a thing or two about getting ahead in the creative industries. Half talk, half Q&A, this session will give you a comprehensive guide for landing that dream creative job.

13:00 ICAD Presents Anatomy Of A Campaign: I Want To Get Cancer
Insights from both the creative team and client on the concept & process behind Chemistry’s current campaign for the Irish Cancer Society.


15:00 Beck's Be Kreativ presents: Do It Yourself
There has never been a better time to make your idea real. Insights on what it takes to start, promote, sustain and grow your own creative enterprise. Join Dermot Malone (Banjoman Films), Ciaran O'Melia (Set Designer), Ruzo Leko (Creative Director) & Sharon Greene (Queens Of Neon)

16:00 Eye Magazine Presents: Writing For Design
John Walters explains why designers should write and attempts to explode a few myths about the tyranny of the blank page, the editorial process and the so-called mainstream media.