Telegrams, love letters, prison escape maps… it’s not just the movie poster a graphic designer makes, but also any paper props that the actors work with on set. But how do you start designing graphics that can help tell a director’s story, as well as contributing to the genre, period, and visual aesthetic of a film?

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Capacity: This workshop is limited to 15 people.

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This one-day course combines classroom tuition and practical assignments, including:

  • When we design graphics for film, who are we designing for?
  • How a graphic designer works for the production designer, set decorator, and prop master
  • How to read and break down a film script
  • How graphics are used as storytelling devices
  • Researching graphic design and graphic methods from the past
  • How to avoid ending up on the IMDB Goofs page
  • How to finish graphic props by hand

This workshop is for you if…

  • You’re a graphic designer or illustrator looking to translate your skills to filmmaking, or…
  • You’re a filmmaker looking to use graphic design effectively in your storytelling, or…
  • You’re a design graduate wondering what to do next.