15-02-17 | 6PM-9PM

Process: Think “speed-dating” but for creatives.
Takehome: A notebook full of tips and contacts. Priceless.

Tickets: Registration is FREE and registration will be open a week before.
Capacity: This event is limited to 50 people.

Dublin is a hot bed of creatives, curators, publishers, performers and promoters who are not only shaping the city with their vision but make it happen by their own initiative and will. Now is your chance to not only meet them but to direct your questions and get advice and feedback on how to start, enhance and make your idea a success.

We’ve got all the right people to inspire you.

John Mahon / The Locals
Steve O Sullivan / Catapult
Sharon Greene / Queens of Neon
Mary Nally / Drop Everything
Kieron Kilgannon / Fashion Stylist
Hazel & Kari / Lay of The Land
Rob / Work By Post
Deirdre Young / Hunt & Gather