SUBSET are a collection of artists, from various fields, exploring several mediums. If they see an opportunity to express themselves they go after it. What they do changes almost every day but so far they have worked on multiple artistic projects, most notable being their Stormzy, Gracie and Donald Trump pieces which have been a catalyst for discussion surrounding Dublin City Council’s approach to large format artwork in the public realm. They have also worked on client projects for brands such as Paddy Power, Red Bull Music, Conor McGregor, BMW, Dr. Marten’s, Kendrick Lamar and the DAA, to name but a few, in areas such as Sponsored Art Campaigns, Visual Communication, Video Production, Photography and Interior Design. They want to transform Dublin in to an open air gallery, they have aspirations of transforming the marketing industry and primarily they want to assist in Ireland’s recognition as a cultural juggernaut. SUBSETwill be one of the 4 speakers as part of OFFSHOOTS, a new series of 4 x 10min talks in the main stage.

Stormzy Mural