April Greiman is a thinker and artist, whose transmedia projects, innovative ideas and projects, and hybrid-based approach, have been influential worldwide over the last 30 years.

Her explorations of image, word and color are often integrated into the built environment and select projects with architects, fusing art with technology. Greiman has been instrumental in the acceptance and use of advanced technology in the arts and the design process since the early 1980s. Currently featured in APPLE’s documentary, https://www.apple.com/30-years/ as a pioneer using Mac.

Greiman has had solo exhibitions at the Visual Arts Gallery at the School of Visual Arts, New York (2008) and the Pasadena Museum of California Art (2006). Recently in the Designing Modern Women Exhibition at MOMA, and represented in the group show, Elle@Centre Pompidou in 2010-2011. She has exhibited in cultural institutions, lectured academically and professionally, generated public artworks and participated in juries worldwide.

Her ideas and work have appeared in articles, interviews, reviews and broadcasts in the media, ranging from Newsweek and Time, to The New York Times and USA Today to CNN, PBS and ESPN.

Books have included April Greiman: Floating Ideas into Time and Space, It’snotwhatAprilyouthinkitGreimanis, Hybrid Imagery: The Fusion of Technology and Graphic Arts, and Something from Nothing. April Greiman was born in Metropolitan New York City and studied at the Allgemeine Kuntsgewerbeschule (General Arts Trade School) in Basel, Switzerland and the Kansas City Art Institute. She moved to Los Angeles in 1976, establishing her multi-disciplinary practice, currently called Made in Space

April has 4 honorary doctorates, a big garden and loves spaghetti and martinis.