As part of our ongoing collaboration with Squarespace we have put together a series of interviews from Sheffield creatives, entitled, Squarespace Studio Series. We nabbed designer, talker, problem solver, type-lover and partner at Cafeteria, Chris Woodhams for a natter.


Can you describe the journey from your home to studio?

It’s an easy going 20 minute walk through some leafy streets.

What is the area like where your studio is based in terms of shops, galleries, bars, cafes, restaurants, amenities, etc?

We’re in an area outside the city centre that’s really starting to blossom. There’s a crop of independent cafes and bars, a record shop, an artspace and of course a park with amazing views of the city. Our neighbours include artists, furniture makers, mechanics, upholsterers, plasterers and pole dancers. Some say Heeley is the new Berlin, but just up the road I’d say it’s all about Meersbrook-lyn.


Any daily routines that help you start the day?

Coffee. Yeah, a cliché, but I like coffee.

Can you describe the layout and structure of your Studio? How does the space affect your working practice and how has your practice impacted on your space?

Our studio is a long open plan space that suits our collaborative way of working. There’s room to spread work out, spaces to sit and talk, and if you need to get away, there’s a floor upstairs full of eleven years worth of accumulated rammell to hide in. It’s wonky but it’s us and it works.


How many people share the space?

There’s 5 everyday. Then freelancers, developers and interns as they come in and out.

Can you talk us through your essential workshop/studio toolkit?

A notebook. Apart from that it’s good attitude, ideas, enthusiasm and resilience. All the stuff you need to do the job in the first place.


Do you surround yourself with objects that inspire or comfort you?

Not so much comforting. I like to be comfortable in studio. The space is relaxed, so all the books, chairs, prints, post-its, odds and ends just make it easy to do the thing we do.

Is there music playing in the studio?

All the time. All kinds of tastes. No radio.


Are you still working in a discipline that you studied at college?

Yes, although the skill sets have expanded somewhat.

Do clients visit your studio?

Of course, we like clients to come over to us. We feel it helps them get their heads into their projects as there’s no distractions.


Do you work until it’s done or have a strict going home time?

Personally I’ve done two lifetimes of ‘work until it’s done’ so Cafeteria tends to stop and go home, although there’s nothing strict about it. We don’t have a full-on culture – it’s better for the studio’s health all round.

Evenings – still checking work emails or switched off and wound down?

Swings and roundabouts. I might check if I feel I need to know something for the next day. I try to leave it where it is.


Favourite piece of creative work in 2016

Yours: Hard to pick one. We’ve worked on a fantastic rebrand this year. That’s a fav.
Someone else’s: The Studio Polpo ID by Jon Cannon.

Are there any trends you have noticed this year and why do you think they will:

No. It’s not something I pay much attention to. We have eyes and ears, but try to keep steering our own course.

Tell us about your find of the year?

Apple and peanut butter. Together. Who’d have thought it.


Tell us a bit about your favourite:

That’s a hard list. This year? Of all time? So, you can have fav book of right now. Michael Beirut’s How To. I’m enjoying that; smart, grown up graphic design.

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