We’ve teamed up with Squarespace  for a series of studio visits. Here we chat to multi-disciplinary design collective based in Sheffield, DUST. The studio is a collection of individuals: designers, makers, do-ers, printers, artists, illustrators, musicians, writers, artworkers, developers, organisers, risk-takers, nomads, educators, learners, jokers, dreamers, environmentalists, citizens and philanthropists. Sounds like our type of place!


Can you describe the journey from your home to studio?

Green rolling hills, more horses than traffic, more sheep than people — concrete rolling hills more traffic than horses, sheep or people.


What is the area like where your studio is based in terms of shops, galleries, bars, cafes, restaurants, amenities, etc.? Do you have much interaction with others, creative or otherwise, in the locality?

The studio is based in a row of Georgian terraces called Roco, a creative coop, situated close to the University. The area is pretty vibrant, we have academics, workshops, galleries, food and gardens — Sheffield is good for feet.

Our creative relationships are defined by subject matter, science and art, varied and inspiring. Things come together in unexpected ways — reason to meet.


Any daily routines that help you start the day?

Walking and day dreaming


Can you describe the layout and structure of your Studio? How does the space affect your working practice and how has your practice impacted on your space?

It’s a Venn diagram — Two floors, slightly different focus therefore slightly different personalities and skill sets. (One) downstairs arts & culture / (Two) Upstairs brand and strategy. However, it’s very fluid and we assign project leads based on individual ability and desire, they define the project working group — we run up and down stairs.


How many people share the space?

Ten, more or less. Alex, Alex, Alun, Ash, James, Jamie, Laure, Mick, Me, Pam & Steph.

Can you talk us through your essential workshop/studio toolkit?

Vision, good will, pen and paper.


Do you surround yourself with objects that inspire or comfort you? If so can share some of your favourite “things” in your studio and why you love them?

Sorry to be dry but it’s just books (and condiments), not one for knick knacks or paraphernalia.


Is there music playing in the studio?

Music comes in through the windows. Alun whistles when he forgets not to.

Are you still working in a discipline that you studied at college?

I think so.

Do clients visit your studio?

Absolutely, it’s a good camp site.


Do you work until it’s done or have a strict going home time?

Not home or work — on or standby.

Evenings – still checking work emails or switched off and wound down?

Whatever makes tomorrow work better.

Favourite piece of creative work in 2016

Yours: Ongoing tools project (after ’Beauties of the Common Tool’ by Walker Evans) w. illustration from Mick Marston.

Somone else’s: I’m kind of limited by what I don’t know so I’ll go for anything that culminates in a greater contribution or shared benefit than the energies or resource required to bring it into being. Herbarium by Here Design (donated by Ash). My nephew colouring in the Settee and Tv Screen  (donated by Jamie) Jupiter photography by Juno (donated by Laure).


Are there any trends you have noticed this year and why do you think they will

Fail: The magic bullet.

Succeed: Ingenuity and common sense, this year and any other.


Tell us about your find of the year?

Time — Children going to the same school, a unification of fuss, activity and travel. Overnight cold porridge.


Tell us a bit about your favourite:


  1. Ken Garland and Lance Wyman,  Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery — Curated by Bowman
  2. Anselm Kiefer, San Fransisco
  3. 18th Century Waxworks anatomical figures, The Museum of Zoology and Natural History, La Specola, Florence


  1. Studio, Copenhagen
  2. Fish, chips and orange peas, Oakwell, Barnsley

Song: Something

Book: The Old Man and The Sea, Hemingway

Film: Doctor Zhivago

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Photos by Andy Brown.