We have teamed up with Squarespace for a series of studio interviews. We caught up with Sheffield-based, contemporary furniture and product Designer, Miles Dexter who caught our eye earlier in the year. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to interview him for the Squarespace Studio Series. Miles established his company, M Dex Design in 2012, after finishing university.


Can you describe the journey from your home to studio?

I ride the bus into the studio most days, being in Sheffield means that the journey mostly involves hills, with views over to the Peak District and over the city centre on my journey into town.


What is the area like where your studio is based in terms of shops, galleries, bars, cafes, restaurants, amenities, etc? Do you have much interaction with others, creative or otherwise, in the locality?

I am based in the city centre of Sheffield, in a building which has around 30 other studios, all different creative practices. The building is part of the Yorkshire Artspace Organisation so there are always different activities and exhibitions going on, with the odd social gathering arranged which usually involves drink and food. It’s the regeneration part of the city centre, with lots of demolition and rebuilding going on. We also have the Victoria Quays opposite us, canal boats, locks, cafes, a great place to get out of the studio and sit and relax.


Any daily routines that help you start the day?

Yes, coffee and cigarettes, I really must quit smoking for good ! Then its some breakfast news on the TV, and then emails, then my journey into the studio.

Can you describe the layout and structure of your Studio? How does the space affect your working practice and how has your practice impacted on your space?

I have quite a small space, I have outgrown it now and really need something bigger, I have a bench in the centre of my space, which I can walk all the way round, this is important to me, some things hang on the wall, large rulers, squares, compass sets etc, shelves on every wall, I have to maximize and be efficient. I have a really large set of windows, which is fantastic, with a great view of some city centre architecture and also the river Don.

How many people share the space?

The studio is just mine, although there are approximately 30 other studios in the building.


Can you talk us through your essential workshop/studio toolkit?

Paper, pencils, markers, masking tape, cardboard, double-sided tape, I have some basic tools and machinery too, pillar drill, chop-saw, rip saw, routers etc, I constantly want more kit, its just natural to want to progress and keep building on what you have. My MacBook Pro is also vitally important, I’d be lost without it !


Do you surround yourself with objects that inspire or comfort you? If so can share some of your favourite “things” in your studio and why you love them?

I don’t really surround myself with objects to comfort or inspire me, I have a few cactus and succulent plants in my studio, a game of Tiddly Winks, some design books and magazines etc.


Is there music playing in the studio?

Always music, different radio stations, it changes on a weekly basis


Are you still working in a discipline that you studied at college?

Yes, I studied Furniture and Product Design at university, that is pretty much what I do now.

Do clients visit your studio?

Not many, my work tends to sell outside the local area, most goes to London or overseas.


Do you work until it’s done or have a strict going home time?

Very flexible in my hours, I generally set goals for the day and go when they are achieved, I rarely leave my studio before 6pm, (I also dislike the rush hour and try to avoid it)

Evenings – still checking work emails or switched off and wound down?

Yes I fall into the trap of checking and answering emails late at night, I really must learn to fully switch off


Favourite piece of creative work in 2016

Yours: I’m still working on this years new collection, I have some new wall lights and tables to release which could be really promising
Someone else’s: The Compresion Sofa (foam version) by Paul Cocksedge


Are there any trends you have noticed this year?

I’m not a big follower of trends to be honest, form what I see it’s very unpredictable whether they fail or succeed.


Tell us a bit about your favourite:

Exhibition: Tent London

Event: London Design Festival

Festival: Glastonbury

Meal: Poached Eggs

Book: Imajica

Film: Star Wars

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Photos by Andy Brown.