As part of our collaboration with Squarespace we have a shiny new interview as part of Squarespace Studio Series. We chatted with Lee from Peter & Paul about everything from the daily routine and how they work till the job is done. We’ve got the scoop on Heeley (which is apparently the new Berlin) and more!


Can you describe the journey from your home to studio?

It usually happens on a bike. It’s further than I would like it to be. Also given I’ve made the journey hundreds of times, I think I’ve stopped noticing anything of interest. Best way to approach it is: try your best to stay alive and not get squashed by a lorry.


What is the area like where your studio is based in terms of shops, galleries, bars, cafes, restaurants, amenities, etc? Do you have much interaction with others, creative or otherwise, in the locality?

Heeley is the new Berlin… or so we thought it was a few years ago…It’s out of the centre of Sheffield and therefore away from any of the accepted cultural areas that become over subscribed. We’re up on a hill overlooking other parts of the city and the area itself isn’t really awash with galleries, bars or cafés. There’s a good pub or two. A community park, a climbing rock and a butcher. It’s that sort of place.


Any daily routines that help you start the day?

Cereal. Tea. Get dressed.


Can you describe the layout and structure of your Studio? How does the space affect your working practice and how has your practice impacted on your space?

Our studio is an old converted school that we named and branded. We helped launch the place, had parties here with Jarvis and Richard Hawley DJing, invited an artist to draw on the wall and were one of the first tenants. We’d like to think that we have set the tone for what it’s like to work here. After the parties, the place filled up quick.

How many people share the space?

9 humans. 1 Pommel Horse.


Can you talk us through your essential workshop/studio toolkit?

This place is about how you think, not what you use. So I suppose you’d say, a brain and a point of view.

Do you surround yourself with objects that inspire or comfort you? If so can share some of your favourite “things” in your studio and why you love them?

Not really. Although I am really into SM, M, L ,XL by Rem Koolhaas and Bruce Mau at the minute… do you need anything else?

Is there music playing in the studio?

Yes on occasion.


Are you still working in a discipline that you studied at college?

Yes, I was one of the lucky ones.

Do clients visit your studio?

Of course they do.


Do you work until it’s done or have a strict going home time?

I think you’d have to say it’s a ‘till it’s done’ model.

Evenings – still checking work emails or switched off and wound down?

Depends how: knackered/under-the-cosh/into-a-project/excited/sleepy/bored/fed-up-with-what’s-on-telly/likely-I-am-to-be-thinking-of-an-idea-whilst-eating-my-tea.


Favourite piece of creative work in 2016

Yours: Impossible to answer…
Someone else’s: Most of the stuff 4 Creative do is really good.


Are there any trends you have noticed this year and why do you think they will?

Not really. I hate the idea that trends exist in a medium which should be all about responding to problems and being different.


Tell us about your find of the year?


Tell us a bit about your favourite:

Exhibition: Tate St Ives. Measuring the Universe, Roman Ondak

Gig: Pink Shiny Ultra Blast, Brunel Social Club

Event: My Birthday Party

Festival: Latitude, 2007

Meal: Moule & Frittes

Song: Kenny Mann Jr & Liquid Pleasure Band – Tin Top Part.1

Album: The White Album

Book: The Great Gatsby

Film: Back to the Future

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Photos by Nathan Gibson.