Zeynep Orbay and Kervins Chauvet are two creatives at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam who have literally never worked together, but have admired each other’s work from afar and seem to like each other very, very much. They have both spent the last few years cranking out their fair share of self-important ads at Wieden + Kennedy.

Combined (but totally as individuals) they have produced work for several global brands including Facebook, Instagram, Nike, Airbnb, and P&G.

Together (but kind of separately) their work has taken over the internet, provoked global debates, and been translated in languages such as German, Italian, Korean and even Gen Z. As far as their internet virality goes, let’s just say Ashton Kutcher, Frank Ocean’s mom, and many other totally legit celebrity influencers have tweeted about their commercials.

Zeynep is a Turkish designer and art director who has worked for the New York City Ballet, McCann NY and TBWA Istanbul before moving to Amsterdam. Zeybae (a moniker presumptuously coined by Kervs) is a mother, a wife, and undercover fashionista. Her work has impacted societies in ways that we can’t even legally mention and has been awarded at Cannes, D&AD, One Show and Eurobest.

Kervins is a Haitian-American writer from New York. Before advertising, “Kervs” worked in the music industry in Atlanta, Georgia, then the epicentre of urban music. (why that’s important… who knows.) His early work includes an emotional homecoming advert for Lebron James and other star-studded campaigns for Beats by Dre. Later he helped to launch Nike’s first ever Equality campaign with a provocative spot featuring Lebron, Serena Williams, and other athletes taking a stand over Alicia Keys’ heart-stirring cover of Sam Cook’s “A Change is Gonna Come”.

Both Kervs and Zeybae are passionate about social equality, and have been credited on side projects that tackle these issues throughout their careers.