Jean-Paul Goude is a French graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and advertising film director. He worked as art director at Esquire Magazine in New York City during the 1970s,and famously choreographed the 1989 Bicentennial Parade in Paris to mark the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution.In addition, over the last three decades, he has created well known campaigns and illustrations for brands including Perrier, Citroën, Kodak, Chanel, Kenzo and Shiseido.


Expressing himself for over 40 years now through drawings, posters, photography, films, videos or events, Jean-Paul Goude has always impressed, in every sense of the word, our imagination.


Some of the metamorphoses that Goude has worked on iconic figures in the fashion world (Nicolas Ghesquières, Ricardo Tisci, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, Azzedine Alaia, Christian Lacroix…) and show business (Mariah Carey, Katie Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Pharrell Williams, Scarlett Johansson, Pedro Aldomodovar or Kim Kardashian, whose photo enflamed the web) have become impressed in our collective memory.


Curiously, at a time when images and digital techniques provide all the transformations and manipulations you could want with a simple click, and even though he obviously makes excellent use of such means, Goude would never abandon pen and pencil and continues to draw, as precisely as possible, every one of his projects.

Goude’s work, which by its very nature is “commissioned”, is for him merely another aspect of a deeply individual adventure, a pathway (signposted by encounters with and exaltation of female figures along the way) that’s grown into a sort of personal mythology. Life and work are impossible to separate for Goude, which incidentally gives his oeuvre a very particular imprint and elevates it above mere images.