IDI Award OFFSET Directors the President’s Prize for Outstanding Contribution to Design

We are humbled, honoured and extremely overwhelmed to have been awarded the President’s Prize for Outstanding Contribution to Design at IDI Ireland Awards in Dublin’s CHQ last Thursday, particularly special given this our 10th edition next April OFFSET Dub 2019. It is wonderful to be acknowledged by our peers and we would like to especially thank Kirk McCormack for his wonderful intro speech to our award.

*IDI President’s Choice Award for Outstanding Contribution to Irish Design 2018* (24.01.2019)

“I feel very privileged to have been able to present the IDI President’s Choice Award for Outstanding Contribution to Design in Ireland to Lisa Haran and Bren Byrne (Bren Be).

The Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI), and the wider Irish design industry, are extremely happy with the decision and feel it is immensely well deserved.

Apart from their many other activities within this country, it was felt that their huge efforts in creating, re-creating and sustaining OFFSET as, not only Ireland’s, but one of the world’s most inspirational conferences for the creative industries is significant and singular.

They have instigated and curated moments that will remain long in the memories of our community. When Swiss typographer Bruno Maag challenges your very perception of how deep design can actually occur; when the creators of everything from monograms to Monument Valley (@ustwo) have now been made accessible to you; and when you bear witness to the reticent calligrapher Seb Lester visibly weeping on stage as he has just realised that his work is truly appreciated; it is clear that something special has come into being, and the people who have created the conditions for those moments have changed the way design is perceived and have managed to engage both the general public, professional and would-be designers.

Furthermore, we believe that because the recipients are still young, and what they are doing is still emerging and evolving, that this sets a positive precedent and shifts away from the perception of Outstanding Achievement awards as being somewhat “posthumous”. We want to acknowledge talent, intent, and impact while its fire is still burning.

The decision to award this accolade jointly arises from the fact that Lisa and Bren have driven their events and initiatives as a duo. It acknowledges the collaborative aspect of achieving quality in design and attempts to highlight that, in most cases, the most visible person is not the sole contributor to success.

There is also a deep sense of family in the way they work and how they have remained so persistent all the while raising kids and living in the city, yet still managing to disproportionately effect the Irish design landscape and beyond.

Thank you to Lisa and Bren for accepting this small acknowledgement. Congratulations, and please continue to do what you are doing for design in Ireland.”

Kirk McCormack – Bren Be – Lisa Haran