Dear Offset family,

We hope you are doing well in the current circumstances, keeping busy, staying healthy and maintaining as positive a view about the future as possible.

We have no doubt you too have not been left untouched by impact of the coronavirus. It has been a truly devastating time for us and all events like ours, our industry being among the first to close (we were less than 20 days to opening our doors in 2020) and we will ultimately be the last to re-open.

Quite simply, mass gatherings are a long way away from being allowed or encouraged. All venues are closed and will only open again under serious restrictions. While travel (international and otherwise) both for our speakers and attendees is not permitted or advised and will certainly take time to regain confidence. As our event hosts over 2,000 people, right now we have to accept that the only certainty for us in this uncertain time is that we have to cancel Offset until the world is a safer place, that is clear. We don’t know when, how, or even if we will be able to open our doors again. It is with great sadness and frustration that we are making this statement today, it’s heart-breaking for us personally and devastating for us professionally as Offset has been our life and livelihood for 12 years.

We have grown from 450 people at our first event in 2009 to well over 2,500 in 2019, with attendees from the US, Canada, Australia, Asia, Africa and all over Europe, the UK and of course Ireland. Offset has become a vital part of the calendar here in Ireland, and internationally. Over the time we have been operating we have witnessed, and been continually inspired by, the strong spirit of independence and creative confidence here at home, all of which contribute greatly to the quality and richness of contemporary Irish design culture.

The creative community has provided us a bountiful supply of guests, collaborators and experiences over the years and we are so grateful for the effort and passion that you all have invested in participating in Offset and in the friendships we have developed as a result. We are so grateful for the energetic support and positive feedback that you, our attendees, have shared and added to the overall Offset experience. It has been an incredibly humbling and precious experience for us to know it has helped transform the creative ambitions of so many who have participated and attended.

We will continue to dream of a time when we might get together again to celebrate creativity but for now we have no choice but to try our best to navigate through the terrible impact this pandemic is having on our business and future prospects while focusing our attention on the well-being of our two children and extended family.

For those still with valid tickets for the postponed Offset 2020 event Ticketmaster will automatically issue a refund. For anyone with any other queries about the event you can contact us directly at

If we can ask please you to be patient with us as we are a team of two people under the same stress and pressure as everyone else at this time. We wish continued success and health to you, your families and colleagues.

Kindest and sincerest regards
Bren & Lisa