OFFSITE Hub at Iconic Offices

This year we have partnered with Ireland’s leading flexible workspace provider Iconic Offices  operating 14 locations throughout Dublin city centre, from the beautiful Georgian streets to Dublin’s Silicon Docks.

Believing that people need the right environment to do their very best work, Iconic Offices ensure all of their spaces are created with individual and business success in mind. There is a science behind their spaces, with custom-built furniture to facilitate long hours of meetings, brainstorming and planning, while lighting and acoustics ensure optimum productivity.

From hotdesking and private offices, meeting room and event spaces, right through to custom-built floors, Iconic Offices’ vision is to create high quality, inspirational and design-led workspaces. These workspaces are creative, free-flowing think spaces which are home to business innovators, enterprising pioneers, freelancers, start-ups and multi-nationals. At the heart of Iconic Offices’ is the community, complemented by the ongoing events and networking opportunities, to help companies collaborate with each other and reach their full potential.
This year Iconic Offices  new building – The Greenway will act as our Hub for the majority of OFFSITE events from Sunday 18th – Thursday 22nd March 2018.