Lost Christmas | Brian Cronin

From the very first seek and find book that I opened by author and illustrator Brian Cronin, I was hooked, completely and utterly and transported into a magical world of colour and wild imagination.  Bed time stories took way longer as myself and my daughters explored every inch of every page to find the answers, only giving up when our sleepy eyes deceived us and we knew there was always tomorrow to try again.

Cronin’s book makes you take the time to really appreciate the exquisite detail as you search for missing ornaments and decorations for the main character Grandad. I should caution you that this contains a wonderfully insane neon-colour palette that acts as a barrier to finding the hidden gems, but stick with it and you will find much more than Christmas decorations. This is a book to be treasured and passed down through the generations and provides endless fun. In fairness more of a challenge for the adults than the kids, but I reckon that was Brian’s thinking.

We have some copies to give away to OFFSET 2019 ticket holders, all you need to do is like Brian’s facebook page and email us with proof of ticket purchase.