We are excited to announce that will be starting our OFFSET weekend off with a punch as we introduce you to a new series of 4 x 10min talks entitled OFFSHOOTS. We wanted to give four creatives the opportunity to speak on the main stage for ten minutes about a project OR subject that inspires or means a lot to them. Will be looking forward to kicking off the event by soaking up some inspiration and knowledge from the illustrators Aoife Dooley  and Alé Mercado, Motion Designer Arice and Artist Collective Subset

OFFSHOOTS | 11:00am | Main Stage on Friday 23rd



She might only be 5ft tall but she is five feet of razor sharp comedic genius! Aoife Dooley is an illustrator; author and comedian based in Dublin, best known for her web series ‘Your One Nikita’ (formally known as Dublin Hun). Her work encompasses her experiences of growing up on the Northside of Dublin and parodies of iconic (North side) Dublin characters.

She published her first book ‘How to be Massive’ in 2016 and her second ‘How to deal with poxes on a daily basis’ in October last year. 2017 also saw her take the stage and launch her career as a stand up comedian, winning U Magazine’s 30 Under 30 Award for best Comedian.

Ale Mércado

From a passion of Cinema, comics, and traditional relief printing to quitting his day job, Alé Mercado is an illustrator and graphic designer increasingly gaining recognition for his designs and work.

Born in Granada now based in Ireland, the artist who originally studied and worked as an industrial engineer has honed his illustration techniques allowing him to follow his passion, creating work that is rooted in concept, creativity, visual language and narrative. Recently he was shortlisted for the prestigious Observer/Comica/Jonathan Cape Short Story Competition and was shortlisted for the IDI Irish Design Awards.

Arice Andrea

Arice wants to recast personal experiences and perceptions; which come to life thanks to 3D graphics. By arousing emotions, evoking forgotten memories, or galvanising visions to freely interpret; Arice lets the viewers wander into alternative worlds through his eyes. For his work he rejects any kind of label.

Computer graphics are just a medium, for a wider purpose: streaming visions able to astonish and leave an emotional imprint.

After graduating in Computer Science, he moves from Milan to Dublin. This is the time when his short film “Don’t You Know You’re Queen” comes to life: an artistic outlet; dictated by a deep, personal need to share his point of view about some aspects of today’s society. D.Y.K.Y.A.Q. marks Arice’s debut as a Director, while putting into practice many diverse technical skills acquired in the previous years. His unique visual approach particularly in his work on fashion imagery and film has earned him notable commissions from Italian VOGUE and ETRO and many key award wins including the 2017 IDI Grand Prix, IDI Award Best CG Short Film 2017,  Best Italian Fashion Film – Milan 2017, Best Experimental Film and Gold for Best VFX – Berlin Fashion Festival 2017, Best VFX – San Diego La Jolla 2017.


SUBSET are a collection of artists, from various fields, exploring several mediums. If they see an opportunity to express themselves they go after it. What they do changes almost every day but so far they have worked on multiple artistic projects, most notable being their Stormzy, Gracie and Donald Trump pieces which have been a catalyst for discussion surrounding Dublin City Council’s approach to large format artwork in the public realm. They have also worked on client projects for brands such as Paddy Power, Red Bull Music, Conor McGregor, BMW, Dr. Marten’s, Kendrick Lamar and the DAA, to name but a few, in areas such as Sponsored Art Campaigns, Visual Communication, Video Production, Photography and Interior Design. They want to transform Dublin in to an open air gallery, they have aspirations of transforming the marketing industry and primarily they want to assist in Ireland’s recognition as a cultural juggernaut.