Who can see me?

Redesign your online privacy with IBM Design Thinking | The Circle Club | 2pm-4pm

Every day we ‘like, share, comment, upload, download, delete’, and ‘save’ our personal information online. Every minute we send 204 million emails, generate 1.8 million Facebook likes, send 278,000 Tweets, and upload 200,000 photos to Facebook. What we eat for breakfast, our location, our favourite song, our credit card number….it’s all just a click or a tap away! With all of our personal data floating around on the internet how can we make sure it’s safe? How can design help us protect our identities from the bad guys?

Join IBM Studios Dublin at OFFSET 2017 and jump into the IBM Design Thinking framework to answer some of these big questions. This workshop will give you a flavour of human-centered design methods and practices, through rapid ideation and active collaboration.

To attend the workshops you will need to pre-register in advance, tickets limited to 30 OFFSET attendees.