With three Emmys for Best Costume Design decorating her kitchen mantelpiece, the latest OFFSET Dublin 2018 speaker is none other than famed Irish costume designer Joan Bergin.

Since beginning her career as the in-house designer for Focus Theatre, Joan has done it all: she has designed for television, film and even Broadway. Her work has taken her from the war-torn 1940s to the tumultuous court of Henry VIII and even to a 9th Century Viking village. If you’ve seen The Tudors, Vikings, My Left Foot or The Prestige, then you are likely a massive fan of Joan’s work without even knowing it.

The late Alan Rickman once said, “With Joan, you get not just a costume designer but a philosopher.” You also get a former actress, a part-time historian and an all-round legend of the design industry.

Capable of dropping names like David Bowie, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt and Daniel Day-Lewis into casual conversation, we cannot wait to hear what wisdom (and stories!) Joan has to share with us at OFFSET.