As part of our ongoing collaboration with Squarespace we are delighted to present the Sheffield based bespoke bike builders, Field Cycles interview as part of the Squarespace Studio Series. Harry from Field Cycles took some time out of his busy day to show us around their workshop. They are among the top bespoke frame builder companies in the world and we are very envious of their bikes.


Can you describe the journey from your home to studio?

Quick If I walk, really quick if I ride.


What is the area like where your studio is based in terms of shops, galleries, bars, cafes, restaurants, amenities, etc.? Do you have much interaction with others, creative or otherwise, in the locality?

We are on the edge of the city in an old scalpel blade factory – its not been gentrified. We are part of a great community of new and established companies and we go to the same cafe most days for a butty and cup of tea.

Any daily routines that help you start the day?

Listening to the radio.


Can you describe the layout and structure of your Studio? How does the space affect your working practice and how has your practice impacted on your space?

We have a well equipped workshop with various precision engineering machines and more specialist frame building tools that have been accumulated or made by us over the years. One half of the workshop is dedicated to working with steel the other half is the paint shop. The paint half is full of colour.


How many people share the space?


Can you talk us through your essential workshop/studio toolkit?

Far to much stuff to list – all very useful though.

Do you surround yourself with objects that inspire or comfort you? If so can share some of your favourite “things” in your studio and why you love them?

The bikes – I love looking at the shelf of uncut tubes more than looking at a completed frame beautifully painted and all built up ready to go.


Is there music playing in the studio?


Are you still working in a discipline that you studied at college?



Do clients visit your studio?

Yes – lots of people visit our workshop, people love to see things being made.

Do you work until it’s done or have a strict going home time?

I try to be disciplined with when I start and when I finish.

Evenings – still checking work emails or switched off and wound down?

A 12 hour day is not unusual.

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Photos by Nathan Gibson.