60 Industry Professionals and Students joined Legendary Film Title Designer Dan Perri as he gave a very special presentation on his illustrious 40-year career encompassing more than 400 films and television projects. He showed examples of his work sharing insights into the process and techniques of his practice and graciously hosted a 2 hour Q&A afterwards (we couldn’t get enough). Of course it was littered with stories and anecdotes with some serious name-dropping.

Dan Perri was a student, colleague and friend of Saul Bass and has contributed the Title Design for some of the most successful films in history including Star Wars, The Exorcist, Taxi Driver & Raging Bull to literally name a few.

Where most of today’s title companies offer assembly-line, group design solutions. Dan still offers his personal attention to conceiving, designing and producing all of his own ideas, providing the very highest quality to his filmmaking clients. Though production methods have changed and Dan has changed with them, his approach to creating the next design solutions has not.