AI Accelerator


AI Accelerator is an intensive, one-day accelerator program brought to you by IBM Design and IBM in Ireland. The AI Accelerator workshop, run by members of IBM’s AI Experience team, will introduce attendees to the principles of designing and building with artificial intelligence through design thinking and collaboration. By the end of the workshop, we expect participants to have a clear, practical understanding of how artificial intelligence works; its importance to the modern world, and how to find applications for it.

Our commitment is to deliver an active and dynamic learning experience. We will do this through a series of curricular modules, activities, and exercises in which you will engage with your current project. For AI Accelerator to be most valuable to you —and to make the best use of our time together—we ask that you bring an eager and willing attitude and a spirit of openness and collaboration!

Admission: Free event | booking will be open one week before workshop starts

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