Display Typeface Workshop


Design your own display typeface with OFFSET Speaker 2017 and Dalton Maag founder Bruno Maag & Dalton Maag Creative Director Lukas Paltram

From sketching to digital and the considerations therein, participants will design their own concept for a display typeface using the same letters. The outcome of the workshop could be to design posters with the different typefaces.

  1. In the first session people will generate ideas by sketching. We will first present basic principles of type design and optical corrections.
  2. In the second session participants will digitize their sketches, and produce a quick poster, presenting their display typeface.

Admission: Free event | booking will be open one week before workshop starts

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Attendees will have to bring their computers (Adobe Illustrator, or other vector drawing tool; Font editing software like Fontlab or Glyphs is not required) and drawing materials, A3 sketchbook, pencils, markers, pens.


Dalton Maag 

Dalton Maag is a typeface design studio with offices in London and São Paulo, specializing in the design and production of retail and corporate typefaces. Clients include Google, Lush, Amazon, Nokia, Burberry, Nike, the Rio Olympics, and the BBC. With over 25 years of experience, Dalton Maag has received awards from the Type Directors Club, Red Dot, D&AD, and the London Design Museum. The team regularly hosts workshops with students and professionals from design and creative disciplines worldwide.

Bruno Maag

Born in Zurich, 1962, Bruno Maag began his career with a typesetting apprenticeship and followed by a typographic design degree at the Basel School of Design. From Basel he moved to England to work for Monotype. After a year and a half in England, Bruno transferred to Monotype Chicago where he was responsible for their custom typeface department. During this time he re-cut all of the typefaces then in use by The New Yorker magazine for use on Macintosh. After returning to England in 1991 Bruno started Dalton Maag with Liz Dalton. Dalton Maag creates customs typefaces that you’ve definitely seen. Their recent clients include Rio 2016, Google, Intel, Amazon and Lush. Working on large scale projects for corporations and interesting smaller organisations, they’ve carved out a successful and respected niche from their London studio as versatile, astute and responsive designers.

Lukas Paltram

Lukas Paltram, born in Vienna, 1986, studied graphic design in Austria and fell in love with calligraphy and typography. To learn everything about type design he moved to London for an internship with Dalton Maag in 2008, and stayed to work for the studio as a Type Designer. He developed typefaces for HP, Nokia, Ubuntu or Burberry, and later led projects for Amazon, Intel, USA Today and the BBC in his current position as Creative Director. He works out of Vienna and London.