How to Get Hired? Moving from student to designer.


What does the day cover:

It’s exciting getting out of college and into the real world. And while there is a lot of work out there for designers right now across a multitude of disciplines, from digital to brand to UX, getting those all important first few years experience are critical to a successful career. The reality is that a design job is completely different to course work.

This day-long event will help you target the kind of job that will suit you, and give you the practical skills to go after it. We’ll also have designers and employers from some of the most prestigious, largest and most interesting Irish studios coming along to share their views on what makes a good portfolio and what they look for in a candidate. And there’ll be lots of time for Q&A.

There’ll be a light breakfast, lunch and some complimentary drinks to finish up.

What you’ll get

  •  A clearer idea of what job is right for you
  • Some tips on how to make the first approach to creative director
  • Portfolio advice
  • All the decks used during the presentations.


The first half of the day is practical advice for you on job hunting

  •  Targeting types of studios that fit your goals
  • How to go about networking and making contacts
  • Presenting yourself well online
  • Panel discussion: “How I did it” featuring grads who recently landed roles in agencies.

The second half of the day is hearing from employers

  • Panel discussion: “What I look for…” featuring design studio employers
  • Portfolio clinic where you can display your portfolio and get a steer from industry experts
  • Mixer: you can put what you’ve learned into practice and make some contacts (with some beers and wine to make it easier!)

Who will get the most from this: 

Designers who have just finished college, who are finishing up a post-grad and are getting out there again, people who are in their final projects and are ready to take the next step; people who’ve done a few internships but haven’t managed to land something stable yet.

What do you need: 

If you have a portfolio bring it along. We’ll have a portfolio clinic at the end of the session for you to get feedback and a steer from our experienced designers.

Other than that, bring a notebook.

Admission: Free event | booking will be open one week before workshop starts

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