Spectrum Exhibition

Studio Such, SUBSET and OFFSET come together to host Spectrum, a poster exhibition in the The Copperhouse Gallery.

Featuring 20 of Ireland’s most exciting designers and artists, Spectrum involves each designer working with a single distinctive colour. The collection of posters will produce a gradient of colour that celebrates the work of the designers and the Spectrum of Irish design.

Creatives include:

Studio Such | Emma Conway | Eric Lynch | Simon Lynch | Johnny Brennan | Eric Stynes | Jan Walsh  | Keelin Coyle | It’s Okay | Finnán Barry | James McGuirk | Rory McCormick | Axel McHugh | Isabelle McCarthy | Atmos |  Weakers | Decoy | Archie Heaslip | Sara Celik

For more information contact events@subset.ie  | Join the Facebook Event