April 5th



11:00 What We Talk About, When We Talk About Irish Design?
Creative Ireland asks how relevant is country of origin in a globalised world with panellists Andrew Bradley (DCCoI), Linda King, Design Historian / Consultant (IADT), Anike Tyrrell (J Hills Standard), David Smith, Atelier (IADT). Moderator Kirk McCormack (IDI).

12:00 How Real is a Digital Future?
As our lives become increasingly digital, what does the future hold for real things and experiences. Jens Meurer, Dr. Florian Kaps, Scott Boms & Dana Martin discuss. Moderator Dr. Caroline O'Sullivan. Hosted by Facebook Art Department.

13:00 Art for Games
Looking at what being an artist in the games industry entails with Riana McKeith (King), Victoria Hall (Rare), Denman Rooke (Romero Games),James Kenny (Warducks) & Anthony O'Donnell (Firesprite). Supported by Screen Skills Ireland.


15:00 Grow Your Own Business
Take your design business to the next level with insights from Steven O'Gara (DCC LEO) and Clare Brennan & Freddie Stevens (Brennan & Stevens). Hosted by Aileen Dempsey, Design Enterprise Skillnet.

16:00 IAPI presents Agencies of Change
The creative perspective on working in the most progressive society in Europe with Udi Ovadia (Boys + Girls), Clara Traynor (Guns or Knives) David Hayes (In the Company of Huskies).

17:00 The World’s Favourite Colour Project
A global research study investigating the psychology of colour by G . F Smith

18:00 Typeface and Lettering Design Crit
Max Phillips from Signal Type Foundry hosts this one hour crit - Works in all stages are welcome, from idea sketches to kerning proofs.


April 6th



11:00 No Packaging. No Postage - Exporting Creativity
How can creative services be exported? Are scale and location important? A panel of design leaders and industry stakeholders inc Stephen Hughes (Enterprise Ireland), Ciarán ÓGaora (Zero-G), Doireann De Buitléar (Moetion Films). Moderator Charley Stoney (IAPI).

12:00 Lines are Human Too
Rob Lowe (SUPERMUNDANE) discusses his recent mural at Facebook London, and newly published book of images and observations around the willfulness of the line and the importance of drawing.

13:00 Women in CyberSecurity: Design to Protect
Haidy Francis Director of Design, IBM Security discusses "What do CyberSecurity, Diversity and Workplace Culture have to do with Design?" followed by Q&A with Rebecca Love, Lead Designer, IBM Security. Hosted by Lara Hanlon, Senior Designer, IBM.


15:00 The Power of The Side Project
Explore passion projects with Aaron Duffy & Rich Gilligan. Moderated by Sam & Caomhán from The Side Project.

16:00 Embracing Activism through Illustration
The AOI presents a discussion on how illustration is challenging the zeitgeist and empowering activism the world over with Edel Rodriguez, Joe Caslin & Olivia Ahmad (Varoom Magazine). Moderated by Lou Bones.

17:00 Placemaking and Typography
Join Bruno Maag and Lance Wyman as they discuss how cities and public environments speak to us.


April 7th



11:00 How To Design The Perfect Story
Media HQ founder & story technologist Jack Murray presents the art and science of storytelling.

12:00 OFFSET 10+10
Creative Ireland ask how ambitious can we be for Design in Ireland with panelists John Newham (DBEI), Rossi McAuley (ICAD), Aliette Dörflinger (European expert on Creative SMEs) & Bob Gray (Red & Grey Design). Moderator Tania Banotti (Creative Ireland).

13:00 WhyDesign 50:50
Addressing the 25:75 gender imbalance in the Irish creative sector with Kelly Mackenzie, MC (White Bear), Aiden McGale (Design Talent), Fiona Murphy (Frontend) & Donal O’Mahony (Verizon Connect)


15:00 Feck Perfunction
James Victore Q&A + Book Signing.

16:00 Analog Experiments in a Digital Universe
Facebook Art Department’s Josephine Kelliher describes the evolution of this global program, which operates in the digital world with a mission to encourage creativity, innovation, openness, and connectivity through art and design.

17:00 The Anatomy Of The OFFSET 2019 Title Film
Join the team from Windmill Create as they share the craft behind the magic.