World Photography Day | OFFSET Top Talks

Looking for some snap happy creative inspiration on World Photography Day? Then look no further. Jump start your weekend with some visual feasts for the eyes from OFFSET’s gone by. We’ve pulled together the most inspirational Photography talks from our vast archive. Sit back, relax and dive into talks from some of our favourite snappers, who have joined us at OFFSET Dublin.

Kicking off (above) with a new release from 2016’s Second Room with some of Ireland’s top photographers, Matthew Thompson, Sarah Doyle, Johnny Savage and fresh from the main stage, Niall McInerney.

Aisha Zeijpveld | 2015

Dutch photographer, Aisha Zeijpveld blew us away with her hands-on surrealist photography. Giving us a behind-the-scenes look at her analogue methods, Aisha’s conceptual portraits undoubtedly motivated many to step away from their screens and take a more practical approach to their work.

Richard Gilligan | 2012

Sometimes things start in one place and end up in another – like when you see Back to the Future as a kid and get obsessed with skateboarding, and then start taking photos of you and your mates skateboarding, and suddenly before you know it you’re one of Ireland’s top-rated photographers. Now working in the diverse fields of fine art photography, fashion, advertising and music commissions, Rich’s images have been exhibited in London, Dublin, Berlin and L.A. and last year he made the journey across the pond to Brooklyn where he’s been going from strength to strength.

Oliviero Toscani | 2013

Sometimes careers rightly or wrongly are identified by works so extraordinary that other successes seem to pale. Hugely successful brand campaigns for Esprit and Chanel, collaborations with Elle, Vogue and GQ, founding Fabrica, the international centre for arts and modern communication research, would be crowning achievements in other people’s careers. But then, Toscani seared the United Colors of Benetton into our collective brains.

Zach Gold | 2010

Noted for his pioneering work in photorealistic digital art, Gold has worked on advertising campaigns and shot videos for huge brands, such as Nike and Mini Cooper, worked with innumerable celebrities and produced the cover art for 50 cent’s hugely successful album, The Massacre. He has been named as one of the ten photographers who are changing photography.

Linda Brownlee | 2010

Based in London, Linda Brownlee has done fashion shoots for Dazed and Confused, Dazed Japan and Vice magazine, and has worked on a number of powerful personal projects, which often portray outsiders or sub-cultures with subtly, sensitivity and sympathy. Producing photographs that are intimate, frank and very often beautiful, Linda is a rare talent.

Matthew Thompson | 2015

Absolutely owning the medium Matthew creates images that your Sunday paper magazine would kill for as he shows us work from his Philips headphones campaign to his project for Dublin Theatre Festival and finally a recent series documenting black rights activist Herman Wallace at Louisiana State Penitentiary. Matthew is going from strength to strength and we can’t wait to see what’s next from the Dublin native.