Following on from our recent studio trip to Damn Fine Print, this week they will host their first solo screen-print show by resident print maker Neil Dunne. FLOOD / INTERPRET is a collection of new prints by this up and coming young artist. He creates intricate and layered imagery relevant to his personal experiences within the social and physical spaces he interacts with, this colorful body of work challenges Neil’s own perceptions of environment and how it influences his creative process. “I love placing myself in familiar environments and trying to tease out new ways of perceiving where I am and then recording all the new found elements”.

Environment, space and nostalgia play a huge part in his work and he tries to replicate these through a series of layers following architectural forms, adding layers of found objects, photographs, drawings or just about anything else, that will best say what he needs to say.

“I find that this latest body of work is the most personal I have done and really gives an insight into where I’m at, both creatively and personally. So the exhibition consists of a lot of imagery that I have a relationship with”.


Discussing his initial thought process when starting the project Neil says that Photography and video play a huge role in his process in capturing and recording the environment and his experiences. “both of these digital aspects defiantly have a big role to play in how I see my world. On a more traditional level I draw while doing research but a lot of these drawings are quite abstract and often play a definitive role in how the print will turn out but at the same time are not very recognisable.” 


FLOOD / INTERPRET will open this Thursday 28th of May at 6pm in BLOCK T Gallery, Smithfield Square, Dublin 7. Exhibition runs May 28 – June 1