Don’t Get A Job…Make A Job | Book Review


Don’t Get A Job…Make A Job: How To Make It As A Creative Graduate is a new release from Laurence King Publishing by author and lecturer Gem Barton. Full of advice and insights for new and emerging graduates on how to forge a path of their own in the creative industry, this is a must read for any new graduates in the field.


It’s no secret that it’s been notoriously difficult to get a job in the creative industries for the past few years. Walking into an agency with your degree certificate in hand and getting that nice safe career job is a thing of the past. Don’t despair though as Gem Barton has example after example of just how you can make your own way.


The 144 pages are packed with case studies from those who have made their own way, from Intern magazine’s Alec Dudson, to Luke Whittaker of State of Play and OFFSET Dublin 2016 speakers, Assemble. Divided into strategies for success each section focuses on key areas such as Specialism vs Diversity, Reinvent yourself and Question everything.


Telling their stories in their own words, the creatives provide a treasure trove of interesting content that can be dipped in and out of without having to read the book front to back. It won’t be long until you’re raring to go with smart insights and tons of inspiration to get you off the ground.


Logging the real struggles and hurdles along the way, those who made it reveal just how they got where they are today, from the absolute fear starting out to their first client. If you’re in the get-up-and-go mindset with the longing and perseverance to achieve that dream creative business by yourself then this book will certainly push you in the right direction to take the plunge.


Don’t Get A Job…Make A Job is available from Laurence King here. You might also be interested in Roads Publishing The Creative Workplace and Vince Frost’s Design Your Life.


Words and photos by Lauren Pritchard