Early Bird Ticket Offer Ending. Ultimate Creative Gift.

Just a little reminder to let you all know thatThe Early Birdticket offer will end December 31st, that gives you just 3 weeks to avail of discounts of up to €75 per ticket.

From January 2018 Professional Tickets will increase from €225 to €295 for individuals and from €185 to €220 for professional groups. Now is the perfect time to inform a loved one that an OFFSET Ticket is top of your Christmas wish list or prehaps give your boss a little nudge during the office party explain the perks of attending an inspirational event like OFFSET.

If you have graduated in the last year then you can avail of the Recent Grad Ticket price of €145 giving you a €150 discount from the full price professional weekend ticket & Students Tickets can avail of tickets for €115. Students and Recent Grad’s simply email us at info@iloveoffset.com for the promotion code, please include a scan of your student card.

Over the next two weeks in the lead up to Christmas we will be releasing archive footage from 2017 as part of our “12 days of Christmas” campaign, so stay tuned to relive some of your favourite OFFSET 2017 moments and get you all geared up for 2018!