OFFSET London Titles | Behind the Scenes

OFFSET title

When we set out to find a motion graphics designer for our OFFSET London titles, our first choice was Irish designer Aran Quinn.

His quirky and inventive use of stop motion infused with a cheeky humour was really a no brainer for us, and we asked him if he would design our OFFSET London titles, and luckily for us he said YESSSSS! Aran currently works at the Mill, NY but the time difference wasn’t going to stop us from collaborating.

So for the past few months Aran and his crew have been working hard on creating our fantastic titles and the images below give you a sneak peak into the visual treats in store at OFFSET London.

Directed & Designed by Aran Quinn
Created (modeled) and animated by Aran Quinn & Damien Bastelica
Composited by Damien Bastelica
Director of Photography Michael Girandola
Music + Sound Design – ECHOLAB

Aran and Damien painting Japanese characters bike

Japanese bike view through program Dragon frame

Aran sandpapering the "F" letter

Aran sandpapering the “F” letter

Speaker Type Animated

Speaker Type Animated