See Simone next March!

The incredibly talented  Simone Rocha will make her first #OffsetDUB appearance next March 2018. Thrilled doesn’t quite describe it!

Simone is an innovative fashion designer with lines stocked all over the world. Since her debut at London Fashion Week in 2010, she has taken the fashion world by storm. Simone has collaborated with the US denim label J Brand, has dappled in creative activities, such as her signature Perspex furniture and hand-made sculptures, and has been covered in countless magazines, such as Vogue USA, Interview and Purple.

Simone opened her first independent store in London in 2015 and her first USA store this passed February in SoHo, NY and was the winner of the British Womenswear Designer Award in 2016, as well as the Harper’s Bazaar Designer of the Year Award.

As a modernizer of Elizabethan and Victorian styles, an appreciator for realistic femininity, and an avid storyteller in her designs, Simone Rocha is a must-see at OFFSET 2018.

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