When the doors closed on this Pop Up exhibition last week it was clear that this wasn’t just a showcase of portraits produced by a group of illustrators and designers but rather a snapshot of the vigorous healthy state of the Irish illustration community.

It’s been our view for a long time that Illustration is going through a golden period globally, and that Irish practioners are more than keeping pace. This view was reinforced by the sheer quality of the work and the diverse range of styles and skills on view at THE STATE OF US exhibit. Considering in many ways this was a “fun” show and very much community focused, it was an incredible insight into the resources Creative Directors, Art Directors and Book Editors have at the disposal for image making and creative problem solving here in Ireland. Congrats to all involved, hopefully not a one-off effort from the IGI but a sign of things to come. Bigger, better shows, that create impact and engage with the wider creative community.

A full selection of the work produced is on the Illustrators Ireland Facebook page.

Before the show opened we sat down with one of the co-organisers, illustrator and artist Steve Doogan, to have a chat about the impetus for the show.

Was presentated by Illustrators Ireland in asscociation with OFFSET.
It was held on Friday 16th & Saturday 17th of June in The Chocolate Factory
Thanks to Guinness Ireland for supplying the much appreciated Hop House 13 beers!

The above film of the opneing night was shot and edited by Orla McNeills.
Photography by Liz Stowe