Story Hun? | Culture Night


This Friday sees the 10th incarnation of Culture Night and amongst the many events taking place, one of our picks for the night is illustrator and artist Aoife Dooley‘s Dublin Hun for Downstairs Dublin along Merrion Square.

Aoife was invited to be an ambassador this year for Culture Night and she will be doodling caricatures of people as Huns at 73 Merrion Square, from 5pm to 9pm there will also be some framed prints on display and a dance hun playlist at the ready. More information can be found here on her event page.
So for those of you who don’t know what a masso Hun is I’ll let Aoife explain..
“A Dublin Hun is very family oriented and proud of were they are from. They will never leave their house without a full face of make up and their hair tied up in a hun bun. They are usually dressed head to toe in Penneys best while sporting the cleanest pair of nike airs you will ever see (cleaned daily with baby wipes). Neon pink/yellow and white are common colours a hun would associate with, as it brings out their massive tan.


A lot of the Dublin Hun posts on instagram are based on real life events wether it has happened to me or a close friend or just something I’ve overheard on the 17A bus. I take inspiration from friends as well as earwigging from time to time.

I started it off as a personal project just to keep myself busy on my down time after college and one illustration ‘the hun diagram’ went viral and I was shocked at how many people related to it. I decided to make an instagram account as I don’t use the app too often and more and more people began to follow as illustrations were being shared across facebook and other social media sites and apps.”

So, can me fella come in all?
“Yeah bring him in hun. Will be drawing fellas as huns too. Will be rappih”.


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Go to Aoife’s website for more information here about her work.

Illustrations by Aoife Dooley

Words by Tess Purcell