OFFSITE Window Installation | Julianna Szabo

OFFSET is delighted to announce that Julianna Szabo will join the team of creatives who will craft wonderful installations for the OFFSITE Window Installations.

Julianna Szabo is a creator of intricate paper illustrations; carefully crafted paper sets that feature in her impressive stop motion animations as well as in her paper installations and sculptures.


Julianna has exhibited in an array of international galleries including Hungary, Finland and Helsinki and collaborated with brands such as Fossil watches.

In the highly technological world we live in, Julianna is one of those creatives who understand the importance of crafting skills and who is concerned about the value of tactile design; she believes that paper is a material that is familiar to everyone and, for this reason, it can be appreciated by a wider audience.


Some of you might have spotted her art at Jam Art Prints, as she sells some of her paper cuts, she also works on commission for festivals and commercial campaigns.

Julianna is originally from Hungary but she moved to Dublin where she studied Visual Communications at the National College of Art and Design; her project HOME is a 3D paper letters installations that unveil Julianna’s life, her origins and the places she calls home. This project was nominated for the International Student Award at NCAD and it was accepted for the 182nd Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) Annual Exhibition.


Julianna is a complete artist, other than an illustrator and a maker she uses her artistic direction and set design skills to bring her illustrations and paper sets to life as we can see in her stop motion animations. In 2015, The Silk Road Film Festival commissioned Julianna to create its visual identity, which she didn’t disappoint to do, with an explosion of colors and exotic landscapes that matched the oriental theme.

Her skills as a director and set designer are particularly mind blowing in the video she made for Bin your gum, where she curated every aspect of the video from the concept development to the final cut.

If you are curious to see what Julianna is going to craft for her window installation at OFFSITE keep an eye on Nowhere on Aungier St from March 31st.
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