The New Pavilions | Book Review


A new publication from Thames & Hudson, The New Pavilions presents a selection of the best and most exciting examples produced in recent years. The collection of stunning photographs and insight, makes this a perfect addition to any studio library.


Pavilions have a myriad forms and as many functions and yet few are built to last. For New Pavilions, Philip Jodidio has selected some of the best examples from Sou Fuimoto and Theverymany to Zaha Hadid and Toyo Ito, exploring the permanent to the not so permanent.


Featuring over 300 illustrations, New Pavilions, explores the various roles that pavilions around the world play in engaging the public and the challenges that are faced by the architects, artists and creators when creating temporary structures for outdoor or indoor spaces.


Each pavilion featured provides a lesson in the extreme possibilities and demonstrating that many of the biggest ideas in architecture start small. From geodesic domes and movable surfaces to viewing platforms and floating clouds, this publication from Thames and Hudson is a book of endless inspiration.




The New Pavilions by Philip Jodidio is available from Thames & Hudson here. You might also be interested in our interview with the London-based collective Assemble.


Photos by Lauren Pritchard